Leah Hochhalter - 36876 State HWY 53 - Healdton, Oklahoma 73438

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Lenabrows Secondmate
2008 Sorrel AQHA  Gelding
Smart Mate x Lena Brow
Spin Cowboy Spin
2009 Sorrel AQHA Gelding
Cowboy Smarts x Coptias Penny
Stick Shift Cat
2010 Palomino AQHA Gelding
Hydrive Cat x Juanita Wood
Fluffed By Chic
2009 Bay AQHA  Mare
Smart Chic Olena x Fluff Your Feathers
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Flashdrive Kitty
2009 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Hydrive Cat x Tinseltown Toni
Smart Melody Cat
2010 Rabicano AQHA Mare
Cow Town Cat x Cattieotalena
Lotta Isalena
2008 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Quejanaisalena x Lotta Hickory
Peppys Q Cache
2004 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Little Lenas Legend x Angels Above
Tito Too
2005 Bay AQHA Gelding
 Lenas Playboy Too x Cats Maiden
2001 Bay AQHA Gelding
 Peptoboonsmal x Hickory Katie
Believe She Wood
2009 Chestnut AQHA Mare
 Nitas Wood x Santana Canna
Si Quixote Olena
2000 Sorrel AQHA Gelding
 Si Olena x Quixotes Princess
Just Wana Shine
2005 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Night Time Shiner x Kaimana Wana Wiggle
TR Duels Sunny
2007 Bay AQHA Gelding
TR Dual Rey x Sunset Shorty Lena
DMAC Samuri Spoon
2007 Red Roan AQHA Gelding
Hes A Peptospoonful x Miss Toot N Shoot
Dunnit Stariffic
2006 Chestnut AQHA Mare
Starlights Starbrite x Hollywood Flashdance
2005 Grade Grey Gelding
2006 Grade Buckskin Gelding
2005 Grade Dun Roan Gelding
2004 Grade Grey Gelding
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El Foxy Red Peppy
2004 Red Dun AQHA Gelding
Zan Peppy Freckle x Tes Beau Hunk
Peptos Royal Roan
2007 Red Roan AQHA Gelding
I Could Too x Jodies Lady Tari
l_s_horse_company_2017003067.gif l_s_horse_company_2017003066.gif
Moonlight Illusion
2005 Grey AQHA Gelding
Easy Illusion x Muffs Moon
Meradas Jolena
2008 Chestnut AQHA Mare
Little Polo Joe x Meradas Gold bar
Young Catlin Gun
2006 Chestnut AQHA Gelding
Young Gun x High Brow Meow
TRM Frenchman Moon Deck
2006 Palomino AQHA Gelding
PC Frenchmans Mark x Tri N Pine
Stylin Holey Roller
2007 Bay Roan APHA Mare
Peptos Stylish Oak x Smart Holey Budha
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2001 Grade Palomino Gelding
l_s_horse_company_2017003050.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003049.gif
Cher The Glory
Fridays Baby Boomer
2009 Chestnut AQHA Mare
Dual Cher x Little Magnolia Mac
2010 palomino AQHA Gelding
Fridays Gold Eclipse x Rummy Queen
Talk That Cash
2010 Red Roan AQHA Mare
Smart Lena Boon x Peptos Jewels
l_s_horse_company_2017003044.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003043.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003042.gif
Nippity Do Dah
2011 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Quejanaisalena x Nipandplay
l_s_horse_company_2017003041.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003040.gif l_s_horse_company_2017003039.gif l_s_horse_company_2017003038.jpg
Miss PB N Tari
2009 Bay AQHA Mare
Playboy Boonsmal x Colonels Tari
Prissy Blue Boon
2011 Blue Roan AQHA Mare
Duals Blue Boon x Prissy But Smart
One Time Moonpie
2011 Red Roan AQHA Gelding
One Time Pepto x Little Moonpie
l_s_horse_company_2017003035.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003034.gif
Hes Playin With Cash
2008 Sorrel AQHA Gelding
Playin Stylish x Miss Shiney Cash
l_s_horse_company_2017003033.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003032.gif
TR Snap
2008 Sorrel AQHA Gelding
TR Dual Rey x Mis Hickory Snap
l_s_horse_company_2017003031.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003030.gif
Betsys Little Haida
2011 Bay/Dun AQHA Mare
Little Hickory Haida x Betsys Dry Doc
Ms Hickolena Kat
2010 Bay AQHA Mare
Stone Cold Kat x JD Hickolena
l_s_horse_company_2017003028.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003027.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003026.gif
Sheza Freckles Fritz
2003 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Listolena x Breezin Rein
l_s_horse_company_2017003025.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003024.gif
Pickin Weil Flowers
2007 Black AQHA Mare
High Brow Freckles x Starlights Wonder
l_s_horse_company_2017003023.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003022.gif
Audacious Cat
2009 Sorrel Rabicano AQHA Gelding
Halreycious x Sweet Margay
l_s_horse_company_2017003021.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003020.gif
Won Smokin Chick
2007 Palomino AQHA Mare
Buck Bars Smokin Gun x Loris Cas Won
l_s_horse_company_2017003019.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003018.gif
Tivios Little Rush
2004 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Little Rush x Tivios Sugar Babe

Horses Sold

L & S Horse Company Congratulates The New Owners Of These Wonderful Horses!
Lil Patti Cat
2013 Sorrel Rabicano AQHA Mare
Chiquita Cat x Little Pepto Patti
l_s_horse_company_2017003014.gif l_s_horse_company_2017003013.jpg
Cat House Dancer
2011 Brown AQHA Mare
WR Tams Peppy Cat x Haidas Little Dancer
l_s_horse_company_2017003012.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003011.gif l_s_horse_company_2017003010.jpg
2010 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Halreycious x SF Way To Go Lena
2005 Bay AQHA Mare
TR Dual Rey x Freckles Primrose
Reysin Cane
Hal Of A Jewel
2011 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Spots Hot x Light As A Cat
l_s_horse_company_2017003008.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003007.gif
2007 Sorrel Rabicano AQHA Gelding
Smooth As A Cat x TM Allspice
2009 Buckskin AQHA Mare
Jewel Dun It x Watching Parsons
High On Spots
SPL All Is Smooth
Hollywoods Snazzy Chic
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Docs Whiskey Gal
2001 Sorrel AQHA Mare
Paddys Irish Whiskey x Full Of Dynamite
l_s_horse_company_2017003002.jpg l_s_horse_company_2017003001.jpg